The possibilities in this system allow energy efficiency, magnificent size, effortless operation, and security.

Featuring hardware Maco, Sienenia, offer the ultimate solution for large and heavy sliding sash windows. Single lifting and sliding or double lifting and sliding are available, with flexible operation, and durable service. It could be flexibly collocated with hollow tempered glass, and multifunctional glass solutions are available such as internal hollow lattice bar and hollow shutter.

Any Position Can Be Stopped Lock

Hold handle down
When opened, the unique bogie design lifts the sash from the frame, the gears engage and the door slides easily.
Pull the hand up
When closed, the door panel lowers, and the weather-sealed sash reinforces the weight. Lift and sliding doors feature high-capacity sash sizes, allowing frames up to 20 m (66 ft) wide and 3.3 m (11 ft) high, with each sash weighing 400 kg (880 lbs).

Hardware-germany Origin Brand G-u

The material is applied with Netherlands Aksu powder on the surface, which is weather-proof and beautiful, 240mm deep outer frame structure, to ensure excellent wind resistance and shock resistance, so that the material is sturdy and durable.

Multi-Point Locks

Much Safer,Besides Ensuring The Stabilityof The Door ,Which Can Hold 400 kg per Door Leaf, It Can Even WorkLastingly More Than 100,000 Times

Show Details

Lift and sliding door systems decouple sliding and sealing from the locking action, allowing the door to float almost above the frame. When opened, the unique bogie design lifts the sash from the frame, the gears engage and the door slides easily.


Monorail system elevates the sliding panel across the rail creating a tight seeal to lock air and water out and a smoot, rattle-free glide that will endure a life time of everyday use.


Top-hung Screen System Leverages a Sturdy, 3-Inch Thick Frame that Glides Smoothly Across and Unobstructed Track.


Bi-fold doors, also known as folding doors or accordion doors, have panels that are hinged to each other and can be opened and closed like an accordion.

Bi-fold doors are a great way to take advantage of stunning views and sweeping vistas and strengthen connections to the natural world. Bi-folding doors have certain unique features compared to other panoramic doors. Panels are stacked on the edge of an opening and take up less space than sliding doors with large panels. Additionally, a bi-folding door panel can be fitted with a traffic door, which is a great option for higher traffic entryways. A traffic door is a traditional swing door that is mounted on a panel for easy entry and exit without opening a larger panel.

  • Standard Features

    · Tempered One-Lite Low-E With Argon Insulating Glass

    · Available Thermal Break Aluminum Profile or Solid Wood Interior Extruded Aluminum Clad Exterior

    · Outswing Service Panel (Based Upon Configuration)

    · Mortise Latch or Multi-Point Locking Systems On Service Panel

    · Adjustable Hinges

    · Three Brands Hardware System Options To Meet Every Size Needs. Doors Can Be Up To 6 Meters Wide With A Sash Width Of Up To 1 Meter- Meaning Less Profile, More Glass and Slimmer Slghtlines

  • Smooth Operator-Hardware & Accessories

    One of the priorities for this door was that it should be engineered with such precision, that it would slide smoothly with only the lightest touch. It glides effortlessly back and forth and has been designed to offer the continuous perfect performance for many years to come.

    Bi-fold Door


Doors To Suit Every Home-configurations

Our Bi-Fold Doors are available in a range of 18 different configurations as shown – the choice is yours! .

Our Bi-Fold Door offers three threshold options (standard outer frame, low threshold and ultra-low internal room divider) and the choice of sculptured or beveled sashes and glazing beads.Doors can be up to 6 meters wide with a sash width of up to 1 meter-meaning less profile, more glass and slimmer sightlines. Our Bi-Fold Doors can be made taller or wider to your specifications.




As a professional, you want to create more than just a door. You want to create a design statement. With a pivot hinge design possibilities are unlimited and, the movement of the door is fluent, whether your door weighs 20 kg or 500 kg. pivot hinges are ideal for all kinds of pivot doors– large or small, light or heavy, interior or exterior. Whether in residential or commercial environments, almost any material is possible for your pivot door.

Invisible Perfection

The pivot hinge systems by are unique while there are no structural elements necessary in the floor and the ceiling. The system components are fully-mortised in the bottom and top of the door. Only surface-mounted floor and ceiling plates need to be installed, making the system virtually invisible. All the attention goes where it is supposed to go – to the design of the pivot door and its surroundings.

Suitable For Doors Between 20-500Kg

Each pivot system is suitable for light and heavy doors. System M+ comes in models tuned for doors from 20 up to 500 kg. System M is suitable for door between 20 and 210 kg. System One also supports doors up to 500 kg , while System 3 supports doors from 40 to 350 kg. The possibilities for the design of the door are endless and the movement is smooth and fluent.

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