Why choose Special Shaped Windows


We understand the irregular window, is in the same plane (also including different planes) irregular geometric shape of the window. Special-shaped Windows, complex structure, different forms; Of its design is distinctive, adornment effect is special and love by numerous family user. Doorwin is here to share some of the most popular window designs in the market and expand our view of the world.


Special-shaped Windows (such as skylights, circular Windows, tall Windows and so on) or special-shaped structures may make people feel less beautiful in the rough stage, and may increase costs and construction difficulties when decorating. But if the design is appropriate, the decoration can become a good highlight, improve the overall appearance of the bedroom level.

Arc window: the arc of extraordinary, make chic and romantic space, beautiful atmosphere on the design, before the rectangular window of monotony, the scene at the moment makes a person envy unceasingly.

Round window

Round window: as a decoration match, round window design is very beautiful, especially the Round window of Chinese style. The artistic conception brought by classical and modern beauty is coming to your face. Round window is matched with clear glass and the decorative effect is as beautiful as a painting.


What is a better way to live? There must be a separate attitude to life, even a philosophy of life contained in it, such a person can be called a living home.People who will live will choose simple, elegant home decoration.